The right medications. The right time. Always.

How it works:

Presorted Medications: TowerView works with you to organize your medications. We send you medication trays each month that already have your medications sorted by dose and time.

Your Own Personal Health Assistant: TowerView gives you your own prescription delivery expert who you can call any time on the phone if you have questions about your medication package.

A Smart Reminder System: You can purchase the smart pillbox, which will remind you if you miss your medications with lights and sound, and text and call reminders.


Pricing for Health Net & CalViva Member Referrals:

good pillbox pic 2.1.PNG

pillbox + medication trays

price: FREE

*plus standard copay

  • TowerView Personal Health Assistant

  • Medication delivery

  • Presorted medications from our pharmacy partner

  • Pillbox light and sound reminders

  • Text, phone, and email reminders for patients and caregivers


CAll us at 1-844-633-8729 or enroll here!

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