The right meds at the right time. Always.

Your TowerView personal assistant will coordinate with you, your doctors, and insurance so that you receive your medication sorted by dose from a local pharmacy each month. Refills, medication changes, insurance approvals, and delivery to your door - your TowerView personal assistant will take care of it for you.

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Follow your treatment with ease

According to a clinical study conducted by Penn Medicine and Independence Blue Cross, patients who use TowerView Health take their medications 99% of the time, as compared to an industry average of 50%.



Your meds will come presorted by dose and ready for pick up or delivery



The Smart Pillbox reminds you with lights, audio, or text reminders if you miss a dose



Your personal assistant will handle refills, med changes, and insurance questions


How does it work?

TowerView Health personal health assistant working with clients on computer

1. Your personal assistant coordinates your medications

You will have one dedicated personal assistant from the TowerView team to coordinate with your doctors, pharmacy, and insurance for you. 

TowerView Health presorted medication tray

2. Your medication is sorted and ready for pick up or delivery

Your personal assistant will arrange with a local pharmacy to review and sort your medications by dose for pick up or delivery. 

TowerView Health smart pillbox and presorted medications

3. The Smart Pillbox does the rest

The Smart Pillbox keeps your meds organized, and reminds you if you miss a dose with on-box lights and sounds, texts, phone, and email reminders.  

senior woman making a to do list in kitchen

“You know you have to take your medicines. I was taking them two times a day, morning and night from the bottles. [With the pillbox] I didn’t have to stress like that. They handled everything, even reminding me to take the medicine. Now, I just open it up, take my medicines, and go about my day.”

— Gwen, Philadelphia, PA


Simple solution, clear pricing



Price: $429.99 


  • Smart pillbox with cellular connection

  • Pillbox lights and audio reminders

  • Text, phone, and email reminders


Pillbox + Health Assistant

Price: $39.99/month

Plus Standard Copay

  • TowerView Personal assistant on call

  • Smart pillbox with cellular connection

  • Pillbox lights and audio reminders

  • Text, phone, and email reminders